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The concept is named as Leaf since a natural leaf inspires the mechanism of this product. Entire structure is around 12 feet tall and easy to deal with. It works in the same way as dewdrops are formed on natural leaves.

There are 4 major components in this equipment – Solar panel, Charge controller, Lead acid battery and a thermoelectric module. All these parts work well in conjunction to create water. There is a huge metallic surface in the shape of a leaf on the top of this apparatus. The process of condensation forms dewdrops. This process takes place when the aluminium plate cools down its temperature with the help of the thermoelectric module. The thermoelectric module gets power from the battery, which is charged with the help of the attached solar panel. The water passing through the Sand filter gets purified and minerals are added to it. Further passes through carbon filter and the drops then get collected in the attached earthen pot, which cools down the water. The entire system is hassle free and it doesn’t require high maintenance. The filter needs to be cleaned time to time so that it does not get clogged with dirt and sand. Through this process, one unit can collect up to 15 litres of water per day when humidity is relatively high.

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