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Acuwake Sock helps you to gradually and smoothly emerge from sleep and start your morning without a blaring alarm. It wakes you up with temperature controlled micro vibrators, which massage your feet with increasing intensity at particular acupressure points. This revitalises organs such as the heart and intestines, as well as the spine.


Acuwake Sock is your very own personal sleep manager, which helps you to wake up without disturbing your partner. Acuwake Sock is operated with a mobile app. The only way to switch off the ‘alarm’ is getting out of bed and standing on your feet. The pressure created by your body weight triggers the deactivation of alarm. There is a basic fifteen-minute snooze time in which the vibrators go on and off in different intensity cycles. The intensity of the vibrations keeps increasing with the time elapsed. The app also has a connectivity feature that allows you to connect with distant loved ones. They can activate your Acuwake Sock to wake you up.


A mini console is connected to your mobile via Bluetooth. It controls the duration and intensity of the vibrations. It also has small digital screen and allows for basic settings. The battery charging port is situated on the side of the console. Life span of the battery is twenty days. The console is detachable so you can wash the sock whenever you need to.

Worked with Aakanksha Rajhans and Vedang Kulkarni.

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